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Fuji claims the xf1 s autofocus lockon times as quick as 0. Jun 29, 2015 my fuji xf1 has been perfect for two years. Analyzers video and stabilization module works seamlessly with our purposebuilt hexapod shake table and control software to ensure that youre testing your device against different kinds of camera movement. Like the x10 and xs1 bridge camera, the xf1 uses the largerthannormal, 12millionpixel imaging sensor, so we can expect similar image quality, too. Shooters who love the style and manual zoom lens found in the xf1 and. Video is recorded at 1080p30 or 720p30 quality in quicktime format. To make the camera less obtrusive, theres a silent menu option which turns off the speaker, flash, afassist lamp and most importantly the artificiallycreated shutterrelease sound. Sample photos the xf1 takes really well exposed images with. Not only do i love shooting in the square, square icons grow to be much larger than rectangular icons in most image sorting and finder applications. Now it is time to look at the fujifilm xf1 competitors in more detail.

Cool retro styling bolstered by a quality build and design. Powersupply cords ing instructions should be read before the equipped with a threewire groundingtype should be routed so that they are not likely appliance is operated. We have listed the top 10 cameras in compact cameras that we think can be a good match. During a private press event at photokina 2012 last week, we had a chance to hear fujifilm discuss its plans to expand its flagship line of x series professional cameras. The result is impressively compact and is capable of capturing great photos.

Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. It has a textured, synthetic leatherwrapped body with durable aluminum body parts to give you the feel of a classic 35mm film camera. We highly recommend fuji x20 the fujifilm x20 features better sensor, fast image processor, olpfless architecture, optical viewfinder and space for external flash. The fujifilm xf1 has a highresolution 3 inch lcd monitor on the back, which has 460k dots and offers 100% scene coverage. For photo, i will most of the time be shooting uncompressed raw only, hence the importance of an excellent editor.

Full hd 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second is supported by the. The camera features an apsc sized sensor which is 14 times larger than the sensor in a standard smartphone. The smallest of fujifilms xseries compacts, the xf1 is certainly styled to appeal to enthusiasts, with things like a fast f1. Fujifilm xf1 error, time for a new camera so today my fujifilm xf1 decided to give me the lens control error message. Although the stabilised lens is slightly wider and faster f1. You can take pictures during video record as well as record highspeed videos at 70, 120 and 200 fps. The xf1 was the first x series premium compact camera that fujifilm released that had x dna embedded into its design. The 23 sensor was competent for its time, but soon became outdated once the 1 sensors began appearing.

As the video plays, youll see a timing bar across the top of the video that shows how much of the video has been played. A technology company, fujifilm is engaged in a wide variety of endeavors. Its chrome body is available with a tan, black, or red leatherette covering, and has a. When taking important photo graphs, take a test shot and. Although the aperture becomes one fstop higher when mounted, the teleconverter features an excellent optical design with a construction of 7 elements in 3 groups to maintain the optical performance of the original lens. The fujifilm xf1 is an advanced compact camera that offers a retro design, 12 megapixel 23inch exr cmos sensor, a 4x, 25100mm, f1. It is the slimmest and sleekest fujifilm xseries camera so far, and the pocketsized the xf1 uses the same 12millionpixel cmos sensor as its bigger brother, the x10. Now we liked a lot of what we saw with the x10 when we tested it last year. See more ideas about fujifilm, digital camera and smartphone gps. Camera and subject motion are two of the hardest aspects of video quality to measure in an accurate and repeatable way. Viewing pictures on a computer viewing pictures on a computer the supplied software can be used to copy pictures to a computer, where they can be stored, viewed, organized, and printed. This will be held in november this year, the listing of the new machine will be a strong complement to fujifilm xseries digital camera product line.

The camera also offers a somewhat surprising is 4x optical zoom lens can be placed in a small body. I received my camera back today repaired as good as new. Video quality is good for web clips or nondiscriminating tv viewing. Sep 01, 2012 this new short video from fujifilm japan shows hot to turn on and off the upcoming xf1 compact camera. The mechanism is similar to the fuji x10 camera rotate to unlock, pull the lens out and then rotate again. The fujifilm xf1 is a digital compact camera announced by fujifilm on september 17, 2012.

Thanks for the above and yeah very disappointed with fuji. Dec 01, 2012 where the fujifilm xf1 stands out from the crowd is in its attractive exterior, with leatherlike finish and aluminium topplate, much like the original xseries camera, the finepix x100. Goosen shigetaka today honors announced a new the xf1 digital camera a set of firstclass design and firstclass quality in a compact digital camera. In fact, you will find that fujifilm introduced major changes in software lens correction between the x10 and the xf1, which came to share the same sensor. The fujifilm xf1 puts a strong emphasis on oldschool manual control. In addition to its super trendy look, it takes superb pictures and videos see for yourself. Below are a few examples of the xf1s video capabilities. If you plan on sending in your xf1 or anything to fuji repairs, i would recommend that you take a video of your camera including close ups if your problemneed of repair isnt due to owner fault. Fujifilm innovation has always driven the company forward. Video features with fujifilm xf1, you can record your videos at a highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps and save in and h. Overview of the fujifilm gfx100 this camera is fujifilm s large format size camera, designed for studio, landscape, architecture and any other form of photography to be printed in large format.

Oct 31, 2012 the fujifilm finepix xf1 is a beautifully designed compact camera that continues the retro feel of fujifilms xseries range. Meticulous attention to easeofuse and the best choice of materials has resulted in a stylish, highend design for the xf1. To play the movie on the xf1 s lcd screen, press the downward button on the fourway button. The xf1 employs the same 12megapixel, 23inchtype exrcmos sensor as its predecessor, the fuji x10. This mode simulates cinematic film, creating understated colors and rich shadow tones, greatly enhancing creative freedom during postprocessing. New for photokina was the second model using fuji s 16. To learn more about what were about, please explore innovation at the fujifilm global website. Youll need it as they seem to follow the stepbystep guidelines of warranty disqualification 101. Do connect the camera to the computer until installation is complete. First is a daytime video shot in traditional hd resolution, and a night video shot in full hd. Fujifilm xf1 features better lens and bright aperture rage.

The manual zoom lens goes from 25mm to 100mm and gives you more precise. It had a manual zoom lens, a retro look but with modern control features. After reading some of the stories on the internet about how fuji deal with warranty repairs i wasnt expecting much. Fujifilm xf10 is a premium compact digital camera with a high quality fujinon 18. Perhaps the biggest attraction for customers who will buy this camera fuji x f1 that has extremely compact dimensions, because it uses small sensors 23 inch. Compact, highend, with the appearance of three kinds of colors black, red, brown. The fuji x10 is a very solid and wellmade pointandshoot digital camera, with the same tiny sensor size and resultant technical image quality as every other digital pointandshoot. Whether youre a weekend gopro shooter or a fulltime video professional, you need editing software. Narrow by product digital camera 3d digital imaging system software. The fujifilm xf1 is the latest addition to fujifilm s premium xseries.

Fujifilm is helping make the world a better, healthier, and more interesting place. The fujifilm xf1 falls somewhere in the middle, mixing an overall very nice design with solid photo quality and performance for its class. Fujifilm xf1 is a pocketsized premium compact camera features a 12 mp 23inch exrcmos sensor and highspeed exr processor provide the superior image quality. Nov 14, 2012 the super fashionable fuji fx1 is here. On the french fuji forum we are at less three including me who encounter this default. Some software appears to have issues with fujifilms sensor type, hence i was wondering what would be recommended to use. The fujifilm xf1 is the latest introduction to the award winning xseries line of digital cameras, and is an incredibly versatile camera that gives you the highest level in image quality along with high speed performance, all in a compact, sleek form factor with retro looks. The xf1 shares the exrcmos sensor thats used in the x10 and xs1. Then suddenly, over the weekend, i handed it to a friend to take a photo of me. It allows for full manual control, supports raw, and at the time of its release competed with the canon powershot s100 and sony cybershot rx100 references. The fujifilm xf1 is a neat retrolook compact camera with sharp optics, but its.

Front views of the finepix xf1 showing the three colour options. Silkypix software is included for working with the raf file format. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. Specifications discontinued models browse by model.

View online or download fujifilm xf1 owners manual. If your video needs are just to capture the occasional 30second clip, the xf1 is more than. The history of fujifilm is a history of valuable innovation. My xf1 was gorgeous until it stopped working 18 months after modest use. This was my fourth digital camera purchase, all fujis, but having read all the above contributions, i fear it will be my last if the ribbon is likely to fail whatever replacement model i would choose. For some reason, fujifilm chose not to include the length of the video anywhere in the data in any mode. Video of fujifilm xf1 compact camera leaked photo rumors. The fuji xf1 is one of the most elegant compacts ever made. Fujifilm xf1 specification comparison, fuji xf1 features bigger x series sensor but limited iso range on the other hand g15 features bit smaller sensor but iso range up to 12800, so which one you will buy. Technically, the x10 has nothing in common with the much larger sensor used in the fuji x100 on whose coattails this fuji x10.

Were we taking about x pro 1 cameras or the xf1 camera. Fujifilm xf1 features a contrast detection autofocusing system. The fujifilm xf1 is a neat retrolook compact camera with sharp optics, but its lightgathering capability diminishes as you zoom. Sep 17, 2012 flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. The xf1 actually produces far sharper fullhd video, resolving as much as 45% more detail in our standard video sharpness test. The 12mp xf1 is the latest model in fujifilms premium xseries, that originated with the finepix x100 and has since expanded upwards to the interchangeable lens xf system including the recentlyannounced xe1, and downwards to the xs1 superzoom and fastlensed x10 compact. Fujifilm xf1 red 12megapixel digital camera with 4x.

This was my fourth digital camera purchase, all fuji s, but having read all the above contributions, i fear it will be my last if the ribbon is likely to fail whatever replacement model i would choose. Follow the comparison links for a detailed oneonone comparison of these cameras. I dont know the xf1 codes but ive had it for around 2 yrs. The xf1 has the same 12megapixel exrcmos sensor and exr processor as the x10 but it lacks an optical viewfinder. Fuji xf1 lens control error and dealing with fuji and. Discussion in fuji s small sensor x cameras started by brianvip, apr 21.

This new short video from fujifilm japan shows hot to turn on and off the upcoming xf1 compact camera. The fujifilm xf1 digital camera has a retro design with many of the features of a highquality dslr. If you arent completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. The camera also shoots full hd video at 1080p30, which is nice but not something i use so ill leave it to others to test. This unconventional 12mp sensor can be used by the camera in three different ways either to give a fullresolution 12mp image, or by pairing pixels, to give 6mp images with either lower noise or extended dynamic range. Fujifilm xf1 also features face detection af where it intelligently detects the faces in the frame and locks the focus automatically. Overall video quality isnt great for either camera, though.

The fujifilm xh1 is the first camera in the x series to include eterna, a new film simulation ideal for shooting movies. Both cameras have a wide angle coverage of 25mm and have the same max aperture of f1. I use the camera icon mode and have learned enough of the functions to take hundreds of great photos. This is probably down to some processing advancements fujifilm discovered in the year between the x10 and xf1 launches. The good the fujifilm xf1 looks great and can be a lot of fun to shoot. Given this one is built using bsicmos technology, it can capture full 1080p hd video and shoot continuous at speeds up to 7 fps. The fujifilm xf10 is a premium compact camera with a 24. Before proceeding, install the software as described below. Fujifilm xf1 design, performance, image quality and. How to fix a lens control error on fuji cameras improve.

Well provide the knowledge, inspiration and technique to enhance your photographic life. Dec 30, 20 the fujifilm xq1 takes the xtrans image sensor from the excellent x20 and puts it in a body thats sized like the xf1. For video editing i will most likely be shooting internal 4k 10bit 4. Combine that with the popularity of smartphone photography, fujifilm. Free download fujifilm xf1 pdf user manual, user guide, instructions, fujifilm xf1 owners manual. Nov 21, 2012 this chart indicates that tiff images after conversion from raw from the fuji x f1 have the strongest dynamic range of all the cameras at the lower sensitivities, but are beaten by the sony. Thank you fuji for such a quick and fantastic service. One hopes that you will include real tests of the xf1 as a baseline for your full test of the xq1. Fujifilm xq1 and fujifilm xf1 features 25100 mm f1. Macro iso 400 once you get up to iso 400, subjects look softer and fine details arent as strong, so you may not want to enlarge as much. Videos are recorded in full 1080p hd at 30 fps with stereo sound. Nov 08, 2012 the fujifilm xf1 is the sixth model to grace the companys premium x range of digital cameras, and much like the x100, x10, xpro1 and also new xe1 models that have preceded it, the xf1. The camera stores chris niccolls looks into what makes this stylish camera so. Screen this tab shows the measurement values and graph derived directly from a raw image when displayed on a computer screen at 100% magnification i.

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