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Benefits and features flexibility choice of auxiliary contacts 3th30 contactor. Contactor type 3tf 3tf31 3tf30 3tf32 33 3tf34 3tf47 3tf49 3tf46 3tf48 6 8 30 40 50 60 34 56 8 10 80 100 85 45 laa 600 lea 32 45 15 22 18. For requirements according to iec 600771 and iec 600772. With 3tf contactors siemens has been offering a tried tested. Nema magnetic contactors are commonly used as motor contactors. Why products tree shown on left side of siemens products page lists only 3tf2 and 3tf6 and 3rt contactors, but not 3tf3, 3tf4 series contactors. Catalogo contactores siemens pdf siemens products may only be used for the applications described in the catalog and in sirius innovations sirius 3rt2 contactors contactor assemblies.

It prevents the contactor from switching on, if the arc chamber is not fitted properly. Contactors and contactor assemblies digital asset management. Moeller 3tf, 3rt, 3ta, 3tb, 3tf and 3th contactor index. For enclosure dimensions, see figures 1, 2, and 3 on page 9150. For 3tf, 3tk, 3tc contactors and 3th auxiliaryminiature. Please send us an email with your inquiry for upto date stock. About 76% of these are contactors, 17% are elevator parts.

The miniature contactors with screw terminals are fingersafe according to iec 60529. For technical or sales support call the moeller electric automation and motor control experts. Iec magnetic contactors provide precise ratings for powercircuit switching and automatic cutoffs during power failures. The series products are suitable for frequency of 5060hz, rated insulation voltage up to. Product brand name sirius product designation 3rt2 contactor size of the contactor s00 protection class ip frontalfront side ip20, operating cycles as operating time of the contactor. Positively driven contacts 3tf contactors satisfy the conditions for. Product data sheet 3rt20161ap02 contactor, ac3, 4kw400v, 1nc, ac 230v, 5060 hz, 3pole, sz s00 screw terminal general technical data. Home siemens motor control siemens furnas magnetic contactors siemens 3tf series contactors find by pricing below 150 17 150 to 299. Automation technology industrial controls switching devices contactors and contactor assemblies accessories and spare parts for 3tf, 3tk and 3tc contactors and 3th contactor relaysminiature contactor relays. Contactors 3rt, 3tf, 3tc contactors 3ra23 reversing contactors 3rh control relays. Power contactors sicop 3tf33 000a 22a siemens data sheet we are unable to ship items available at our warehouses outside of united states. Siemens trademarks are owned by siemens or related companies. August 20, 2019 admin science leave a comment on 3tf46 siemens contactor pdf mfr brand name.

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